About Us

Gemstones are natural minerals or substances that exhibit its charm, uniqueness, and durability at their best. They are precious and adored by everyone who purchases them. They are mainly appreciated for their natural healing and magical characteristics. Gemstones can be divided into groups, species, and varieties. Sheetal Gems is the top online provider of natural and colorful gemstones. We promise to provide the best quality gemstones and assist our customers to shop easily. Sheetal Gems has made long-lasting relationships over the years with trust and reliability that we always try to maintain. All the gemstones we provide are natural and certified by high authority labs that can be further used for astrological objectives.

Gemstones are a vital part of human being since ancient times. Not only as jewelry but natural gemstones have other vivacious benefits regarding health, mental stress, carrier, growth, etc. And to suffice all your need we are here to supply and help you out with the most authentic and finest quality of government certified gemstones in Delhi at the best price. 

Sheetal Gems intends to reach the mass across the globe where it can provide them life-transforming solutions through Gemology. We aim to provide 100% natural and precious birthstones, carving and polishing of gemstones and consultation on gems authenticity and suitability. We foresee to build trust of our consumers by assuring them quality in their chosen gem, providing them amazing range of precious & semi precious gems at online & offline stores and by guaranteeing authenticity & transparency in each transaction.